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Boxing classes – 5 reasons why they are so great!

Why you should be boxing! PCHC personal training Springvale

Boxing is one of the best ways to mix up your workout regime; the mixture of cardio/strength training is a quick-fire way to get the goals you are after! The use of quick, high intensity, class based gym sessions are growing in popularity, we get inundated by members asking about these forms of classes. Lucky enough our skilled trainers are more than equipped to run sessions such as these, and today in the Witfit Personal Training Springvale blog we will talk about why boxing classes are so great

1. Mixture of cardio/strength

What makes boxing so great is the mixture of cardio/strength. When we box, we are using our whole body. Our arms of course to punch, we use our legs to build up power for our punch and then our core to help transfer that power to our arms! This is the strength side of things. Boxing also has elements of cardio as it gets our heart pumping! As we use our whole body, we use a lot of energy (burning calories), we get the heart pumping (cardio) and our muscles moving (strength). Therefore it is so easy to see why it is so good!

 2. Extra elements: Co-ordination, balance, reaction time, agility!

When we box, we also have a heap of other areas of fitness/function that we use. It helps improve co-ordination, through combinations, striking the pad/bag correctly etc. You then have to be balanced in boxing, in a proper boxing stance allowing for good technique. Reaction time/agility go hand in hand, when completing drills you may have to quickly move left or right depending on a swinging bag, or a pad coming towards you. This allows us to be quick on our feet, and react to what’s in front of us.

The benefits of these can then translate into your normal workouts, but also day to day life. Reaction time, co-ordination etc. are always important.

3. Stress relief:

Boxing is a great stress reliever! Whenever you’ve had a day or week that has caused a lot of stress, you can always unwind by hitting the pads. So far we have mentioned the physical benefits of boxing, but it also has mental benefits. Through hitting the pads and getting our heart rate up, our brain releases what is called endorphins. A chemical compound (neurotransmitter) that produces feel-good thoughts. This helps decrease stress levels!

4. Improves Bone health:

Impact exercises are great for bone health, helps fortify our bones and decrease the risk of fractures or even osteoporosis as we age. The great thing about boxing is it helps with upper body bone health, a hard place to target.

5. Its fun & keeps you motivated

Being motivated to workout is half the battle, and a lot of time for people its because they get bored. Bored by doing the same types of workouts over and over. Boxing changes this, for many it is a new activity, they start to learn about different moves, different activities and it engages them again! Boxing classes are also done in groups, so you can socialise, make new workout buddies. By adding in a boxing class once a week or even once every so often can keep your motivation levels up!

Those were 5 reasons why boxing is so great, and hopefully they can swing you to trying out a class! The beauty for PCHC members is that we have these classes available for you! Run on a Monday evening and Saturday morning, they are free for members.

So there we go, some information on boxing and the benefits it has! As always, check out our FaceBook page to find out more about boxing and how you can start incorporating it in your workouts today! If you have any questions about it, or need help come in and ask us at PCHC Personal Training Springvale! We are more than happy to help!

The PCHC Personal Training Springvale Team.

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