At PCHC our focus is to offer personal fitness coaching and health solutions that are affordable, effective and realistic. Many gyms nowadays focus on group training but we believe the focus should be on YOU, the individual. Moreover, We strive to create individualized exercise and health plans based on your personal goals, fitness level and physical ability.

Our one-of-a-kind coaching service allows members to come in daily – on whatever schedule suits them – for individualized workouts without the traditional hourly fees associated with personal training. All this and more, offered on a budget-friendly personal training solution to fully work around your needs, schedule and physical ability.


Our team of seasoned professional coaches and dietitians sit down and take into account exactly what your goal is to then offer the fastest, most effective solution to suit your physical ability and dietary requirements to get you results.

Each week we prepare a schedule of workouts, ranging from beginner to advanced options. Then allocated to members in accordance with goals and how many days they aim to train.

Our coaches then tailor these workouts to each individual, while also ensuring to be there to motivate, assist, teach and inspire.

Moreover, We do the preparation and thinking for you – all you have to do is show up when it best suits you.


Technique, execution and consistency is what we preach – both in training and nutrition.

Our coaches ensure you have a workout to suit your needs, with each exercise/ technique performed perfectly, while also pushing you to stay motivated and reach your full potential.

Our PCHC app means you can have a dietitian available to you every meal to hold you accountable with your food choices and nutrition targets.

We also use an online attendance tracking system, so our coaches can ensure you are keeping on track and make you accountable for missing any training sessions.

Especially, We measure our success based on your success!

Over the last 11 years we have put together an amazing team of hard working coaches that take pride each week in personalising each of our valued members’ workouts and creating a safe , non-intimidating, welcoming fitness family that is PCHC.


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